Raili Margit Puumalainen

Born in Finland on 27 November 1928
Passed away on 1 August 2014
Aged 85 years
Rookwood Catholic Crematorium
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Hi margo just thinking about you ,got no one to talk to thought I'd say hi ,,,,, I'm well just sitting thinking hope they are treating you well ,you deserve to be pampered. Take care always in my heart.
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Mum, you are missed so much. Time has passed so quickly already. I feel empty . I miss seeing you every week. I miss your voice. Your cuddle. Your kisses and your spark of moments. May you and dad enjoy every moment together Love Mike. Thanks for the good times.
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Hi margo ,missing you lots ,your smile when we walked through the door always made my day , miss you my friend take care xo
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Hi Yah Mama, Mark and I miss you so very much. The days have moved on but some how we are in limbo missing you and dad very much. I hope you and dad have been having a great time. Young Mark and I are a bit lost. But yeh! we have each other thanks to you and dad. Forever in our hearts...Mark and Mike
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Hi margo miss you heaps , hope you are getting plenty of TLC and Chocolates, take care xoxo
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Zsuzsi Szekeres posted a message for Raili Margit Puumalainen
Zsuzsi Szekeres posted a message for Raili Margit Puumalainen
Zsuzsi Szekeres posted a message for Raili Margit Puumalainen

Raili always remembered what day you were due to see her if you said Wednesday and you arrived on the Friday she would remind you were two days late, she would have many a tantrum over her sippy bottle being half filled ,' I want it full she demanded ' and got her way. Her pencil case with her remote was well hidden under her sheets by her side so no one could take it from her, Raili knew off by heart all her TV program's her favourite being THE BLOCK .By her side sat her two toy pussy cats strangled by the nurses buzzer, and it had to be tied correctly or she would make you do it over and over until she said it was right. Then onto fixing her pillows and bed until she was comfortable , by this stage you were pretty exhausted.

Having to fix Railis wool basket was a chore from little bits of cut threads to shredded tissues ,but the end results of Funky Beanies and Throws that she gave to Staff for there help was all worth it . Raili was proud of her teeth they were all hers and she chattered them away saying "see all mine".

She was alert to everything asking questions about her family constantly wanting to remember , she was fortunate enough to be able to talk to her sister through the iPad and see photos of her home town Helsinki , getting the iPad back off her was another story ,she enjoyed the occasional Cappucino and Cup a Soups .

Raili,s welcoming made it all worth while "I woke up this morning and I had a feeling you were coming I knew ,I knew ,come give me a kiss" she would say with a big Smile and Hello . She loved her Lollies and Chocolates , and chatted away about the pictures on her wall and enjoyed all the new butterflies and stickers in her room and bragged about how everyone will come and have a look later and how lucky she was having the Best Room.

She just enjoyed you being with her, she had her good and bad days but it was all worth every argument , smile ,tear and hug to see her happy and safe BETTY ,BETTY she would shout just like frank spencer .

BETTY you are a true angel , your persistence, determination and love gave Raili the best care anyone could ask for ,
In the words of Raili " " OOOOH THANKYOU VERY MUCH "

We all all lucky to have BETTY in our lives and we all Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Miss you Sandy .
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  • Zsuzsi Szekeres: You are a very true friend the only other person who helped Mike and i and care for her when i was sick or if i had surgery. You cleaned her soiled sheets you fought for her on our behalf, if Mike and i were not around. No you are the other wing from the ANGEL thats why you to ...have been invited to celebrate Railis departure. Bupa, knows who was there with mum all the way throught her time. The hospital at Bankstown all know when i obtained her files. Its all there God bless you and thank you. You have a big HEART! Raili knew you as her daughter that makes us very proud. Sorry that thepoem you had for her at chapel didnt happen that was in some other ones decision. They never knew and they never will.
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